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Tulamben "shipwreck" and beach dive, suitable for any entry level of divers. Underwater treasure of US Liberty sunk during world war Two 1942. The wreck dive were fully grown with beautiful corals, sea fans, and anemone. Various interesting fish that absolutely you can see like the garden eel, sweetlips, Unicornfish, surgeon fish, and spine-cheek anemone fish. The highlight is searching for barracuda and the big eye trevally that often seen in the large group. Tulamben is internationally renowned for its dive sites and is prized for its easy diving and amazing biodiversity. The USS Liberty shipwreck must be one of the easiest wrecks to access in the world, and underwater creatures ranging from the smallest crustaceans, ghost pipefish, and pygmy seahorses to the largest fish like sharks and mola-mola sunfish abound. Tulamben is a great place for beginners, with a number of sites which are suitable for training dives, fun dives, and underwater photography. The most popular dive sites are described below:

USS Liberty Shipwreck dive spots
This is known as one of the easiest wrecks to dive in the world. The USS Liberty is a shore dive spots and lies just 30 meters from the beach. The shallowest part of the wreck is at only 3 meters, allowing even snorkelers to get a glimpse. The wreck bottoms out at 30 meters. Surgeonfish greet you on your entry, and groups of bump head parrotfish are often spotted, as is great barracuda and many beautiful and colorful nudibranchs.

Drop Off dive spots
Tulamben Wall, also known as the drop-off, is a good alternative dive spot for your second dive after the USS Liberty. But it is more than that! Tulamben Wall has its own distinct characteristics making it equally interesting and beautiful to the Wreck. The Wall bottoms out at 60-70 meters or deep sea diving, making it a favorite site among technical divers. As you peer below, you might see larger marine life like reef sharks and even hammerheads if you get really lucky. Along the wall, the colorful corals blend into a mosaic of beauty accented by colorful fish. The Drop Off also offers much to delight macro photographers!

If you book with us just keep waiting at hotel lobby about 07.30am. And we'll drive to Tulamben is bout 2,5 hours, when you arrive there our professional guide will give you simple procedure for diving and the local situation. In Tulamben, you will do two times you can choice beach dive and drop off. While you're diving you will find beautiful coral and many kinds of fish. After diving program, we will take you back to Kuta and you will arrive in Kuta is about 05.00pm.



Just 30 meters from the beach at Tulamben is a World War II cargo ship broken up but still an impressively large wreck, stretching 120 meters long on a steeply sloping sandy bottom. The top of wreckage is just 3 meters below the water surface and the bottom is at 29 meters. January 11th, 1942, this ship was hit by torpedoes from a Japanese submarine while crossing the Lombok Strait carried rubber and railroad part on World War II service. The damage was critical, but two destroyers hitched up to the ship and tried to tow it to the port at Singaraja. The wounded cargo ship was taking too much water. However, her crew ran the vessel up on the beach at Tulamben. The volcanic explosion of Gunung Agung in 1963 rolled Liberty off the beach to its present location, in the process breaking in pieces. The wreck is completely covered with the variety of corals and hundreds of species of fish inhabit it, an Australian Rudie Kuiter, author of the definitive guide to Indonesian reef fishes, estimates that some 400 species of reef fishes live on the wreck, which is also visited by perhaps 100 species of pelagic. This is a remarkable number for an area just 120 meters long.

The locals of Tulamben call this reef "Drop Off", it is actually rugged wall reef stretching out seaward, and the reef wall descends down over 70 meters. Black corals, soft corals, and hard corals grow well on the crannies and overhangs at around 18 meters, there live an abundance of Cleaner Shrimps and large fishes are waiting in overhangs to be cleaned. The hook of the wall at 28 meters where the reef extends to the sloping eastern reef stands a huge purple sea fan Gorgonian, over 2 meters wide this is a sticking landmark on the reef wall. A prolific variety of schooling fish swim around the corner of the wall, and even invertebrate animals are often encountered at this rugged wall reef. In the shallow crannies, the reef is delightfully rich with a marine life.

Publish Rates 2x Dive: USD 140/ person, Special Offer USD 64/person (minimum 2 person)

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